Conversion Optimizers often rely on A/B testing platforms to deliver the results to the stakeholders. The decision-making mostly depends on the conclusions provided by those platforms (eg. whether the test is significant or not). But what if you can independently get into the data, understand it, query it, and perform advanced statistical methods all by yourself?

Statistics is a very deep subject and you may not be able to perform up to the level of a Ph.D. candidate, but understanding the fundamentals can help your team make better decisions while launching and analyzing the experiments. …

Proper data leads to better business decisions. Understanding statistics will help you interpret the results correctly.

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Why do you need to know Statistics for A/B testing?

Nobody wants to spend their time and money doing something just to turn out to be useless in the end. Hence understanding how to use A/B testing efficiently and effectively so that you achieve the desired outcome is very important. Even though most of the tools out there today does the calculations for you, understanding the basic concepts and know-how about statistics will help an Optimizer to better evaluate the results.

A/B testing statistics…

Testing is the key part of Conversion Optimization which helps to validate your hypothesis. Constantly testing and validating your website will increase the revenue and any other metrics which you want to track.

Overview of A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing

A/B testing or Split is where you create two variations of a page and allocate 50% of the traffic to page A and 50% of the traffic to page B. The bucketing is automatically done by split testing software. When a user lands on a variation, a cookie is placed on the browser. So if the same person visits the…

Conversion optimization, in general, refers to improving the chances that a user will complete a defined task or goal on your website. The goal can be anything from buying a product, requesting a quote, or even subscribing to a newsletter.

Optimizing for B2B

But when it comes to Business-to-Business (B2B) companies and products, how can you implement CRO for improving lead generation? The sales cycle on a B2B SaaS company is often short and rapid. How do you improve or optimize the quality when you are dealing with fewer products with a limited time period? Some of the same underlying principles like Conversion…

Conducting a Google Analytics Audit is the best way to ensure you can trust your data. We cannot always have a GA account set up perfectly at the first attempt. We learn by mistakes. To make the data more trustworthy, you need to audit your analytics set up to make sure things are being tracked correctly. There are experts in this field who can audit your GA account for you. But as a Conversion Optimizer, it’s an added value if you know how to audit your organization’s GA account by yourself.

Before you begin, install the below Chrome extensions which…

As a Conversion Optimizer, your biggest responsibility is finding where the highest optimization potential lies on your website. You cannot do this by just having personal opinions. You cannot just say, ‘I think if we make this element bigger, we will have more conversions’. That’s not how it works. The decision-makers won’t agree. Unless you have trustworthy insights to prove your point, the conversation will ultimately result in an argument. So, how do you get those unbiased and reliable insights? The only answer is Research! Even for new businesses, focusing on research at the customer development stage can help you…

The Landing page is the first page that your visitors land on when they come to your website. It is not always the Homepage. It can be independent and focused on a clear conversion goal. It is your website’s first impression and should follow up the promises you made on the Ad source and set a clear path for your website visitors.

I’m going to share some principles here which I have learned this week on the CXL institute’s Conversion Optimization Mini-degree that can help you create and optimize a killer landing page.

1. Addressing the Cognitive Biases

Cognitive bias is often a result of…

In this post, I’m gonna cover the below topics which I’ve learned this week on the CXL Institute’s Conversion Optimization Mini-degree on Google Analytics.

  1. Account, Property, and View settings
  2. Setting up Filters — Basics
  3. Understanding the types of Traffic
  4. Setting up Goals
  5. Analyzing the Results

Check out my previous post where I’ve briefly discussed some of the common terms used in Google Analytics.

Account, Property, and View settings

Account settings are the first option that shows up in the admin section. Here you will have the basic high-level settings like Account ID, Name, Data sharing settings (How much data you…

In this post, I will be discussing my learnings for this week from the CXL institute's Conversion Optimization Mini-degree on the below topics.

  1. Developing an Emotional content strategy by understanding behavioral principles.
  2. Interactive design tactics to keep customers repeatedly engage with your Product.
  3. Getting started with Google Analytics: Overview of the Reports

Developing & Testing Emotional content strategy

When we buy things in our everyday life, most of the time it is not just the product. It’s the feeling we get about the product. We are emotionally targeted rather than just merely buying a product with its features. Let’s say you are looking at a pair…

Consumer psychology plays a significant role in Marketing. It helps understand your customer’s needs and the motivation it takes for them to buy your product. When you try to convert a Prospect into your Customer, you build an emotional connection between them and your product. Market research on your customer’s psychology can help you understand how people work so you can convert them.

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I’m here to share my learnings on Psychology and Neuromarketing from the CXL Institute’s Conversion Optimization Mini-degree.

To understand the role of Psychology in CRO, we need to learn,

  1. Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion
  2. The Fogg…

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